Diamond in the rough

Boy oh Boy!

Let them eat cake

A sassy, up-beat, tail shaking, tribute to the one and only Marilyn Monroe. Funky and funny with an old school feel to it.

This gender bending boy knows how to make a girl happy. Some blues and a bit of rock n' roll all in a surprising and seducing queerlesque act.

A sweet, creamy and delicious number to the great Marie Antoinette and her craving fro sweets. Pink and pretty as a cupcake. 

Pic by Bernhard Miettinen

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Acts consisting of both burlesque and singing:

All songs have backtracks custom made for the Lady. Singing is always live.

Pic by Marco Baron

Santa Baby

Dream A little Dream of me

I saw mommy kissing santa claus

Cool Yule

Burlesque Repertoire

Available acts:

Pic by Tuomas Lairila

Pic by A-P Hakanen

...and a few more jazztunes that can be shaped according to the event.

Pic by Windmillsw

Pic by Marco Baron

Pic by Tuomas Lairila

All dolled up

From stiff to staggering. This act is just a sparkling, glittery surprise.

© Lady Laverna